In a previous blog post, we advised that certain “standard” fees being included on Mortgage Discharge Statements or set out in Notices of Sale under Mortgage may be unenforceable as “penalties” or as contrary to the Interest Act.

In a series of recent decisions, courts have confirmed that where a mortgage is in default due to maturity (meaning the term of the mortgage has expired) AND the lender has commenced an enforcement action (meaning the lender has served a Statement of Claim or a Notice of Sale under Mortgage), the lender may not charge the three-month interest penalty set out in s. 17 of the Mortgages Act. 

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If you have received a Notice of Sale under Mortgage, and/or a Mortgage Discharge Statement containing a 3-month interest penalty, contact Eli Karp at Financial Litigation to assist in disputing this or other “standard” fees such as a Discharge Statement Fee, Default Admin Fee, or Demand Fee.

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