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Toronto’s Commercial Litigation and Family Lawyer with a Focus on Finance

Financial Litigation is a boutique Toronto law firm with a unique focus on the financial impacts of legal disputes. We help business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals manage some of the largest legal landmines threatening their continued success: commercial disputes and family law.

Financial Litigation focuses solely on the financial aspects of major legal disputes. It’s all we do, and we do it well.

Whether our clients are facing an injunction or a claim from a former spouse that they are underreporting income or hiding assets, we can help. Our approach to both commercial law and family law is designed to ensure you have a trusted, experienced advocate on your side to anticipate arguments in any potential legal disputes, to assist and guide you during times of financial and legal crisis, and to represent you in negotiation and litigation, should going to an arbitration, court, or other adjudication forum be required.

Eli Karp: Your Crisis Manager

When you hire Financial Litigation, you are hiring Eli Karp. Unlike a large faceless law firm where senior lawyers often delegate work to junior lawyers, Eli Karp will work personally on your file from beginning to end to ensure your legal and financial rights are protected.

We understand unexpected legal issues often arise after business hours, particularly with respect to family law. This is why we work beyond the standard nine-to-five and make ourselves available to our clients around the clock, including weekends and holidays. When you call, Eli Karp answers the phone and provides you with the strategic guidance and legal advice you need, day or night.

Effective Crisis Management for Commercial Matters

A financial crisis is stressful and can be difficult to handle. If the Canada Revenue Agency is auditing or investigating you, if the court or your spouse has frozen or emptied your accounts, or you have been served you with a claim, you may not know how, when, or where to respond. At Financial Litigation, we can help. We deal exclusively with financial litigation and related matters, and will quickly, effectively, and efficiently guide you through this often-daunting process. Eli Karp will provide you with a personal crisis support system.

By focusing our practice exclusively on financial disputes, Financial Litigation is uniquely positioned to take care of you in any type of commercial matter, including breach of contract, director’s liability, injunctions, collection actions, and appeals.

Because we exclusively handle the financial side of litigation, we know the ins and outs of intricate and complex commercial disputes. Our personalized approach keeps clients informed, so they feel confident that their matter is in the right hands.

Effective Crisis Management for Family Law

Financial Litigation has many years of experience managing the financial elements of family law disputes, including constructive trusts, issues with determining income, spousal support, valuation of property, date of separation, asset tracing, imputing income, and more.

During the emotional process of separation or divorce, you need supportive and knowledgeable counsel to ensure none of the important financial aspects is overlooked. Eli Karp has worked closely with entrepreneurs, business owners and successful professionals during challenging family disputes to protect their interests and mitigate the financial and legal risks. When you hire Financial Litigation, Eli Karp will personally guide you through the entire legal process, to ensure you understand the applicable laws and know your rights. We also work with a carefully selected team of financial professionals, including forensic accountants and tax specialists, to offer you a comprehensive and personalized service that meets your specific needs.