Estate Litigation

Client-Focused Estates Litigation Boutique 

Legal disputes over wills and estates almost always involve complex personal and legal issues and require advice that is both compassionate and knowledgeable. Financial Litigation is a boutique litigation firm in Toronto that advises individuals, trustees, and other stakeholders regarding large, high value and other complex estate disputes.

Eli Karp is an experienced litigator that provides one-on-one service to his clients. He is available seven days a week, so when an urgent issue arises, his clients can get insightful advice and prompt answers to their questions.

Focusing on the financial elements of estates disputes 

Our clients choose us because they need an advocate who also understands the unique issues that arise when a family business or other large assets are in dispute. At Financial Litigation, we have a strict focus on financial litigation and understand the unique legal issues that can arise where an estate includes a business, assets in multiple jurisdictions, or complex trusts.

Will challenges 

We represent clients in various will challenges, such as clients who are seeking to contest the validity of a person’s will or estate plan on the grounds of undue influence, lack of capacity, or improper form. We also advise executors facing will challenges and beneficiaries that are defending a contested will.

Trustee & Executor Disputes

We regularly advise clients involved in trustee and executor disputes. In situations where an estate trustee or the executor of a will is not fulfilling their duties and obligations, or not acting in the best interests of beneficiaries, we represent clients that wish to ask the court to remove and replace an existing trustee. We also help trustees defend any potential disputes.

Equitable Claims 

We have significant experience advising clients on equitable claims. Where necessary, we work closely with a team of financial experts, including forensic accountants and valuations specialists, to ensure that property, shares, and other assets are valued fairly.

Hardworking and responsive counsel for estates litigation 

At Financial Litigation, we know that estates disputes can often require a quick response. We ensure that our clients get personal answers to their questions and advice about their matter when they need it, including weekends. We provide insightful advice about the financial implications of legal disputes that enables our clients to minimize cost to the estate. Schedule your consultation online, or by calling us at 416-769-4107 x1.