Real Estate Litigation

Toronto Litigation Boutique Handling All Real Estate Disputes

The Toronto real estate market moves quickly. When disputes and legal issues arise, parties need legal representation that responds to their queries swiftly, and legal advice that fits their timeline.

Financial Litigation is a boutique law firm with a unique focus on the financial aspects of legal disputes. Our difference is our responsiveness. When you retain Eli Karp in your real estate matter, you know you will receive personal service and excellent advice. Eli is available seven days a week, and can offer prompt, effective crisis management and legal guidance no matter when a problem may present itself.

Experienced real estate advice for all types of matters

We represent individual and corporate property owners and buyers with respect to all manner of real estate issues and legal disputes. We also advise agents, real estate brokers, landlords, developers, and any other party with an interest in property.

Our team handles real estate matters of any complexity, including claims of misrepresentation, failure to disclose latent defects, and breach of warranty. We also assist clients that have purchased investment property that was misrepresented as profitable.

Disputes over performance of an agreement of purchase and sale

Many real estate matters arise from a failure to fulfill the obligations set out in an agreement of purchase and sale. We act on behalf of both sellers and buyers in these types of disputes.

Where a buyer is not ready, willing and able to close on the agreed date

If a buyer is unwilling, or unable, to close a sale as agreed, they forfeit any deposit made on the property. A seller may also have a legal claim against them for additional losses.

We advise buyers that have been unable to close and require advice about their legal rights. We also help property sellers obtain release of forfeit deposits and pursue other remedies where buyers have failed to close.

Where a seller is unwilling to close as agreed

A seller may fail to close a sale for a variety of reasons. There may be issues with title to the property, such as a lien or outstanding mortgage interests and other charges. In these cases, buyers may have claims for any losses suffered as a result, up to a possible injunction for specific performance.

We can advise property owners that are unable to close on an agreement of purchase and sale. We also represent buyers that have not been granted clean title to the property as agreed.

What is Real Estate Litigation?

Real estate litigation is any type of dispute arising from real estate property or an interest in a real estate property. It could include disputes occurring during the acquisition of a property, ownership rights over a property, or another interest into the property.

For example, you might encounter disputes relating to the purchase and sale of a property and the terms of agreement that each party involved has to agree upon. In this case, you would need a real estate litigation lawyer to help you during the dispute process.

A common example of Real Estate litigation is when a seller decides not sell a property after entering into an agreement to sell it. Sometimes when that happens the purchaser can ask the court for permission to register a Certificate of Pending Litigation or CPL on the Property. In most cases when a CPL is registered on a Property the owner of the property cannot sell or mortgage the property to a third party without the consent of the person who registered the CPL. 

Other times when real estate litigation can occur and you need to hire a real estate litigation lawyer include:

  • A breach of contract or agreement in the purchase and sale of a property.
  • Leasing dispute involving non-payment of rent or the removal of fixtures.
  • Defending yourself against a claim to complete a purchase that you do not want to complete.

How Can Our Real Estate Litigation Lawyers Can Assist You?

Our team of real estate litigation lawyers can help you settle disputes and legal issues that arise. We are experienced in bringing motions for CPL and acting for owners to have CPL removed. In cases where a CPL is required lawyers must quickly to get the CPL before the Property is sold to another party. At Financial Litigation we focus on responsiveness to quickly get you the legal advice and representation you need. Whether you’re an individual or commercial property owner, we provide expert real estate advice for all types of matters.

Responsive legal advice for property and real estate litigation

When you have questions about a real estate dispute, Financial Litigation is available to handle your matter, seven days a week. Our team ensures that every client receives personal and responsive service, so they can be confident knowing their legal matters are being handled as efficiently as possible. Schedule your consultation online, or by calling us at 416-769-4107 x1.