Tax Disputes

Toronto Corporate Litigation Boutique Advising on Tax Disputes

Clients facing disputes over their taxes need representation from a lawyer that focuses exclusively on advocacy. Handling tax disputes requires a unique skill set and excellent understanding of how to challenge the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”).

Financial Litigation is a litigation boutique with an exclusive focus on financial matters. We handle tax disputes on behalf of businesses and high-income clients, providing personalized advice to protect their financial best interests.

Defending clients facing a dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency

Many clients do not agree with their assessment by the CRA. They may feel there has been an incorrect market value assigned to their property, an expense has been misconstrued, or a piece of legislation has been applied incorrectly. However, tax laws are extremely complicated. With layers of legislation, regulation, guidelines, and judicial interpretation, correctly interpreting tax laws requires careful consideration by a highly experienced tax lawyer.

With many years of experience handling tax disputes with the CRA, Financial Litigation advises clients about the potential avenues for disputing an assessment or audit.

Moving quickly to protect our clients’ financial interests

We know that successfully challenging the CRA often involves moving to minimize penalties and ensure your assets are not tied up by a dispute. In cases where the CRA has moved to freeze assets, or is demanding payment where clients are insolvent or bankrupt, we will act quickly to protect your financial interests pending resolution of an outstanding dispute.

Unlike civil proceedings, tax matters require adherence to specific timelines established by tax legislation. With our range of tax experience, we will ensure that the specific procedural requirements are met.

Toronto litigation boutique for every stage of your tax dispute

Financial Litigation assists clients through every stage of a tax dispute, beginning with responses to CRA audit requests, and representing clients in Tax Court where needed. With experienced counsel, clients can often resolve these matters earlier and can stop worrying. We are dedicated to providing responsive, one-on-one advice to our clients to provide them with peace of mind.

Eli Karp is available seven days a week to address client concerns, and will always address issues as soon as they arise. We are proud of our responsive and exceptional service. Call 416-769-4107 x1 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.