Securities Class Actions

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When a company violates securities and other laws, or fails to disclose a breach of those laws, its investors and shareholders may suffer a financial loss. Individuals can be seriously harmed if a public company, or its directors and officers, misrepresents or fails to disclose critical information, including instances of securities fraud, market manipulation, or causing environmental damage.

Eli Karp of Financial Litigation is one of a handful of Toronto lawyers that practice in the area of securities and investor class action lawsuits. With an extensive background successfully handling class action claims against large national and international firms, our team is well prepared to litigate complex securities matters.

Securities class action lawyers advising investors about their rights

In many instances, parties suspect some misrepresentation or other wrongdoing, but are unaware that they may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. Some examples of circumstances that may give rise to a securities class action claim include:

  • accounting and other reporting deficiencies;
  • failure to disclose systemic violations of anti-money laundering, corruption and other international laws;
  • non-disclosure of relationships with politically or socially sensitive groups; or
  • any other action that can be proven to directly impact market value for investors.

Skilled litigators with experience handling complex securities class actions

In order to move ahead, any class action proceeding must be certified by the court. Certifications are usually strongly opposed, so having a knowledgeable class actions lawyer with the resources necessary to handle these complex lawsuits is crucial to success.  Having successfully represented plaintiffs in previous class actions, the team at Financial Litigation has a deep understanding of how to strategically build a successful securities class action lawsuit.

Securities class actions are also very complex and require careful investigation from day one in order to build a solid case. With years of experience handling corporate and financial lawsuits, we have close relationships with financial and accounting specialists that provide expert professional evidence about damages and liability.

Unparalleled legal advice for potential securities class actions

Securities class actions are inherently complex, and should only be handled by a legal team that understands the procedural and legal requirements for success. With an exclusive focus on corporate and financial matters, including class actions against large corporations represented by Canada’s largest law firms, Financial Litigation is prepared to aggressively pursue shareholder and investors’ rights. To discuss a potential class action dispute, contact us online or by calling 416-769-4107 x1.