Responsive and Strategic Injunction Lawyers in Toronto

Injunctions are a legal tool intended to provide a timely interim remedy in many types of legal disputes.  Injunctions have powerful legal implications and should not be filed or responded to without the advice of a highly experienced lawyer with significant skill in this regard. Whether you are seeking an injunction to put an immediate stop to something, an injunction ordering someone do something, or have had an injunction order filed against you, which requires an immediate response, it is critical to act quickly and strategically, since any delays can potentially impact the rights and relief available to you.

What Are Injunctions?

An injunction is usually a court order made to freeze or preserve assets or to do or refrain from doing a particular thing. There are two types of injunctions. A prohibitive injunction prevents someone from doing something, such as transferring assets or publishing information about you in the news. You may seek this type of injunction if you wish to preserve and safeguard bank accounts or restrain people from undertaking certain acts such as selling property or shares of a company.

The second type of injunction is called a mandatory injunction, which can require certain actions from another party, such as the returning of assets or property. Mandatory injunctions are much less common, and more difficult to obtain.

How Financial Litigation Can Help

At Financial Litigation in Toronto, we are responsive and act immediately to get your matter moving. We know that situations that require immediate legal attention do not always happen during “regular business hours”. As a result, we are always on call and available to respond to your legal needs whenever a crisis occurs. Our founder, Eli Karp, has significant experience handling injunctions and other emergency legal matters and relies on his considerable litigation experience to effectively advocate for clients in situations involving injunctions. Eli Karp has represented clients seeking an injunction to protect their interests, as well as those defending themselves when faced with such orders.

If You Are Facing an Injunction

Financial Litigation has extensive experience defending injunctions. We understand how scary it is to wake up to find that your bank account has been frozen or worry that your assets may be sold. It is during emergencies like these when you need experienced and trustworthy legal representation to act quickly on your behalf. Eli Karp offers skilled, personal legal service that will help to decrease your worry and stress.

If You Are Seeking an Injunction

Eli Karp and the skillful advocates at Financial Litigation represent parties seeking injunctions. We will immediately assess each matter to determine if the urgent relief provided by an injunction is necessary. Next, we will guide you through this complex process, working at each stage to minimize any possible financial exposure.

Contact Financial Litigation Today

At Financial Litigation in Torontowe are available day and night and are always prepared to handle a client’s financial crisis. As soon as you contact us, we will help you determine the best course of action, including any available remedies such as motions to set aside injunctions, motions to vary injunctions, or motions to allow for the removal of funds to pay for things such as living expenses.

If you are concerned about an imminent risk to your assets, your reputation, or your business interests, or if you have been served with an injunction, contact Eli Karp immediately at 416-769-4107 x1 or online. We represent entrepreneurs, small and large business owners, and others with significant financial and other assets. We will work with you to protect your rights and interests.