Collection Actions

Dedicated Toronto Lawyers Pursuing Debt Collection Actions for Corporations and Individuals

An outstanding debt can impact your business, and collecting the monies or assets owing to you can be an expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming process. Commercial debt collection should be handled by a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer that can move quickly to secure assets, negotiate prompt payment, and escalate collection matters to litigation without undue delay, so that you can focus on running your business.

Financial Litigation is a boutique law firm that exclusively handles financial litigation and related matters. We act for creditors to enforce their rights and collect on outstanding debts through whatever legal means available. We also defend debtors against unjustified claims, and protect their assets where creditors are overstepping their rights.

Strategic legal advice for collection of property and other assets

Where clients are seeking advice about a collection matter, our goal at Financial Litigation is to find the most cost-effective and timely solution. Together, we develop the best strategy to recover your debts, whether through a negotiated settlement or legal action.

We advise corporate and individual clients seeking to recover judgment debts, business debts, and/or property. Some examples of situations where we can assist include:

  • Enforcement of a legal judgment;
  • Enforcement of a promissory note or payment under a contract;
  • Offshore debt collection;
  • Unpaid sales of goods;
  • Seeking the return of property or other assets that were loaned temporarily; and
  • Accounts receivable.

As lawyers with a focus on financial disputes, we have access to an extensive network of finance professionals, including forensic accountants, to provide any necessary assistance with asset tracing and reviewing complex corporate accounts and other records.

Ontario debt collection lawyers acting quickly to secure assets and protect clients

Debt collection actions can sometimes require urgent injunctions to freeze assets and prevent money from being transferred out of a jurisdiction, protect real estate from being sold pending litigation, and secure access to documents and other information about a debtor’s activities.

If you require immediate and urgent action resulting from an outstanding debt matter, contact Financial Litigation.  We are always responsive, anytime you need us. As soon as we are retained, we will act quickly to review your matter and take any necessary steps to protect your rights pending collection.

Responsive and knowledgeable service for debt collection actions

Clients need to know their collection matters are being handled by an experienced lawyer that understands the complex procedural rules and strategic decisions that collection actions require and can secure outstanding amounts as quickly as possible. Financial Litigation has successfully handles collections on behalf of individuals and corporations, whether they are seeking a negotiated settlement or need to pursue a debt to litigation. Our team is available seven days a week to discuss strategy and answer questions, so clients know their matter is in good hands. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call 416-769-4107 x1.