Commercial Litigation

Responsive Toronto Litigation Boutique for Business and Commercial Disputes 

Companies strive to avoid legal disputes, but they are often inevitable. When legal issues arise, business owners, professionals, and other stakeholders need prompt and reliable advice, on their schedule, so they can make informed decisions about potential litigation. Whether someone is facing a disagreement over the terms of a contract, is seeking to collect outstanding funds, or has a potential ownership dispute, Financial Litigation offers every client personalized service, seven days a week.

Financially focused advocacy for business owners and entrepreneurs

Eli Karp is an experienced commercial litigator who focuses on the financial elements of legal disputes. He understands the business elements at play in each case, whether his clients are individual shareholders, small start-ups, family-run businesses, or large corporations. Our firm also frequently acts for individual professionals and entrepreneurs, helping to safeguard their financial investments and protect their hard work through strategic legal advice.

Contract and commercial litigation advice for businesses and individuals 

At Financial Litigation, we handle a range of commercial disputes, representing and advising clients in:

We regularly receive referrals from other clients and law firms and have acted on behalf of companies of all sizes throughout Ontario.

Strategic commercial advocacy for Ontario commercial litigation 

Financial Litigation strives to minimize the impact of commercial disputes on our client’s financial security, and resolve litigation as quickly as possible, so they can get back to business. Schedule your consultation online, or by calling us at 416-769-4107 x1.